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This is what I have you do in many of my lessons, except you are being aware of what is happening not only on the basketball court but also what is going on inside of you that may be interfering with you playing your very best or what is helping you to play your very best. And, of course, this is all happening without judgments. In order to really bring your shooting to its highest level, you must figure out how to attain a meditative state of mind.

In this book, I will give you many things to focus meditate on and many ideas as to how you can achieve your goal of shooting the best that you are capable of. This is a process that will never end, but I can promise you that if you will learn to shoot the way I lay out for you in this book, you will find playing the game of basketball ever so much more fun and rewarding not to mention shooting much better. Before I get into these lessons, let me tell you a little about me and how I got started teaching the mental game and the best lesson I ever received. Although I have worked mostly with tennis players, if you think about it, many of the same mental skills of tennis can apply to shooting a basketball or just about any sport.

Let me get started by telling you my story and how I got into playing and teaching peak performance techniques. I had the honor of representing the U. I lost to the Russian, which was the last person I wanted to lose to. To give you a little hint, it was because I tried way too hard to win. But , I had a big problem. My attitude stunk and I was very negative. I used to yell and scream on the tennis court because I would get so incredibly frustrated.

I thought that if I could only stroke the ball perfectly I would never miss. And, my attitude was horrible. Neither did I know how to make myself play well. I never beat players who were just a little better than I was. Remember I told you that I was ranked 2 in Southern California in the 15 and 18 and under. Well, a player named Jerry Cromwell was the one who was ranked 1 and I never ever beat him. After college, I began teaching tennis the traditional way until my conversion to teaching the Inner Game when I was in my 30s.

His name was Tim Gallwey.

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After reading about him, I knew I had to have a lesson from this man, and I was determined to go to the ends of the earth to find him. As it turned out, he was right there in my hometown of Los Angeles.

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To make a long story longer, I took two lessons from Tim, and he completely changed my life. In the first 10 minutes into the lesson, I felt that the weight of the world was taken off my back. I never got angry or yelled again — an amazing accomplishment since I had already spent all of my tennis life getting upset with myself. All of a sudden my tennis game was more consistent, and overnight my endurance increased.

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You will learn how to: Use your mind to make more baskets What to focus on when you shoot. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Thoughts An Introduction To The Mental Game Welcome and congratulations for taking the 1st step in mastering the mental game of shooting basketballs. About David Ranney Although I have worked mostly with tennis players, if you think about it, many of the same mental skills of tennis can apply to shooting a basketball or just about any sport. I started playing tennis tournaments when I was 10 years old.

I played on the Junior Davis Cup team. As you can see I was a pretty good player, but not a great one. It was the best lesson I ever received and it changed my life forever. However, after years of playing with intense frustration, he took two tennis lessons from Tim Gallwey, Author of The Inner Game of Tennis. That experience changed his life forever. He coaches athletes of all ages in peak performance techniques. He lives in Bellingham, Washington. With this book as your guide, let David Ranney show you how to reach your potential.

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