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While burning is an option for disposal of vegetation, there are other methods for vegetation disposal.

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These include composting, shredding of leaves or pine needles, or chipping. Please contact the Placer County Air Pollution Control District at if you would like additional information concerning air pollution open burning requirements.

It is our belief that having a public that is knowledgeable about both APCD and local fire agencies burning requirements will aid the general welfare of everyone by improving air quality and preventing hazardous burning. Skip to Main Content. Outdoor Burning Requirements Each year, with the annual crop of vegetation growing there is the need to manage it and in many cases dispose of it. What Can Be Burned For all non-residential burning, only dry vegetative material grown on the property can be burned. Air Pollution Burn Permits, as noted in the bullets above.

Controlled burn

Air Pollution requirements restrict burning to dry vegetative materials, excluding lawn-clippings. The vegetative material must be grown on the property where the burning is done.

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Fire Agency burning requirements have residential pile size restrictions, however, the APCD has no burn pile size requirements. Alternatives to Burning While burning is an option for disposal of vegetation, there are other methods for vegetation disposal. Not sure if your burn location falls within DNR protection areas?

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Click on a fire point on the map to view more information about that fire. Learn more about the benefits of prescribed fire. These signs display the current fire danger rating at many Ranger Stations throughout the state. You can also visit an emergency fire warden or DNR office to get a permit in-person. Questions about burning?

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  • Prescribed burns are conducted to maintain the integrity of fire-dependent environments by reducing invasive plant species, stimulating wildflowers and grasses, controlling brush and improving habitat for local wildlife. Learn more about ways to Connect with DNR. Webster Street. Site requirements Accessibility Legal Privacy Employee resources.

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    • We at Burning Stories hope. Burning Man has interested academics since its early days. There are numerous scientific articles and books about Burning Man.

      How many fires are burning in the Amazon?

      We at Burning Stories want to learn from all this work. From our side,. The history of storytelling is the history of fire. For thousands of years, we have sat around it, sharing stories and our perceptions of the world.