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Connolly was born in Scotland but made Ireland his home. He also lived for long stretches in the US.

What were the Events Leading to the Rebellion in Dublin?

He was English-born. Eamon de Valera , who participated in the Rising and later became a prominent figure in Irish politics, was born in New York and therefore an American citizen. This fact e saved him from being executed with his brothers in arms, though historians disagree on this point. De Valera went on to break away from the government following the Anglo-Irish Treaty that implemented partition in Ireland.

Ireland's Easter Rising - The National Archives

Before his execution, McDermott wrote, "I feel happiness the like of which I have never experienced. I die that the Irish nation might live!

Credit: WikiCommons. Many say the Rising would not have happened without Devoy's work in the US. After hearing the news that a ship carrying German weaponry was captured, the Military Council decided to carry out the insurrection on Monday, April 24, , in an emergency meeting held on Sunday morning, April A countermanding order by Eoin Mac Neill , head of the Irish Volunteers, after a German gunship bearing arms to Ireland, was intercepted caused mass confusion and resulted in many volunteers missing the Rising.

These details of the proclamation, considered to be treason, ensured certain death by firing squad for the leaders of the Irish Republic if independence was not obtained. Both military strategy and position were the factors that came into play in choosing which buildings to occupy. By Friday, April 28, , the number of British troops rose to about 19, while the Irish Republic groups had only amassed 1, fighters due to mass confusion over the date of the Rising.

Ashbourne , Co. Meath was the only town other than Dublin to see significant fighting during the Easter Rising. Credit: geograph. Connolly, the commander of the Dublin Briga de , was injured early on in the fighting. The position of highest in command then passed on to Pearse. Connolly was so badly injured that he was carried to his execution on a stretcher and then tied to a chair to face the firing squad.

The Rising's failure outside of Dublin was due to the capture of a ship loaded with Russian rifles acquired by Germany in the war. British officials had intelligence about the ship coming from Germany and captured it before any guns reached the shore of Banna Strand outsi de Tralee. In charge of the gun-running from Germany was Sir Roger Casement , a top British foreign service official, who was later executed.

They were kept classified by the British government until A British strategic attack that included artillery strikes on the main rebel stronghold, The General Post Office, led to an unconditional surrender on Saturday, April 29 by Irish Republican leaders, who had escaped the burning building for nearby Moore Street. Photo Rollingnews. With battles primarily taking place in densely populated areas , the civilian death toll of the Rising was said to be as high as people, and over 2, civilians were injured.

The Easter Rising was considered a betrayal at first by many Irish citizens, and the leaders were spat at on their way to jail.

The Easter Rising – A brief overview

It was only when the executions began that the national mood changed. Sixteen leaders of the rising were executed while about 3, more were arrested in connection to the groups.

Many of the leaders believed in the effectiveness of a "blood sacrifice" to inspire Irish nationalism. Blood sacrifice was a very common theme of the times from the First World War. The severe punishment of "death by being shot" served to those leading the rising inspired both Irish nationalism and British resentment, just as the Military Council hoped.

Songs were sung for those who laid down their lives, funds were started for their families, more republican flags and badges began appearing, recruitment to the British Armed Forces dropped, and Irish nationalism as a whole was rejuvenated.

British response

July For residents such as Mrs Sankey, the turmoil on Dublin's streets was difficult to comprehend. Martial law was proclaimed last night.

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Such a lovely morning with the sun shining and birds singing as if we were in a peaceful world! It is Mrs Sankey's 11th wedding anniversary, and the full scale and impact of the Rising becomes increasingly apparent to residents. A patrol I hope this is true! As Margaret Skinnider is taken to St Vincent's hospital to recover from her injuries, the rebels surrender. Among them is Michael Mallin. Despite all our wrongs and their injustices, I did not dream of their killing prisoners of war. In hospital, Margaret Skinnider receives the news that her commander Michael Mallin has been executed by the British.

As pockets of violence continue across Dublin from those who have not yet surrendered, the authorities take action against captured rebel leaders. I remembered how, when I was so ill at the College of Surgeons, he had been gentle with me… He had told me that, as a boy of 14, he had enlisted in the British Army to get experience with which to fight Great Britain. Six days he served Ireland; eight days he lay in prison; now he was dead! The rebellion is over and Mrs Sankey ventures across Dublin for the first time since the Rising began.

It reminds me of the pictures of Ypres and other places. Nothing but skeletons remain, where fine houses and shops formerly stood. Life went on for these two women, who saw the events of the Easter Rising from alternative perspectives. Upon her discharge from hospital, Margaret Skinnider went home to Scotland.

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She returned to Ireland to train volunteers in the irish War of Independence and was jailed during the Irish Civil War before becoming a teacher. Mrs Sankey's diary ended on Thursday, 11 May as her life began to return to normal. The restoration of Dublin from the physical devastation that so distressed her took many years, with some scars from the battles of the Easter Rising still visible today.

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The Easter Rising

BBC Iwonder. The rebel and the resident The Easter Rising was an attempt by rebel volunteers to free Ireland from British rule and establish an Irish Republic. Rebel insurgents checking vehicles on the streets of Dublin. The ruins of the Dublin Bread Company during the Rising.