Manual The Sinking of the Troopship Leopoldville, A personal survival story of PFC Keith Simons

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To my late grandfather, Wesley Becker, who loved his country and his family; but most importantly, he loved the freedoms that he fought and bled for in his service of our great nation. Dear Little Brother, I miss you, and wish you could be here to see that the dream of freedom you so willingly gave your life for really does live on.

Do you remember how we weren't allowed to even TALK to the black kids in the neighborhood when we lived in Alabama back in ? Well, Tuesday, I will cast my vote for our first Black President. I will do it proudly and in your honor. My nephew, Daniel J. Beel, entered the Army voluntarily and has already served one tour in Iraq.

He was discharged, and as it goes sometimes, he was called back into service. He is again serving in Iraq. If anything happens to him, it will impact our whole family and his wife. It will devastate my sister, his mother. We pray daily for his safety and those he serves with. I wish the election was last week, so we could start getting our young men home and put their families back together. God Bless America! God Bless our Service Personnel! I salute you son for volunteering to serve. You did not have to but you stepped up and took on the responsibility. You knew no one when you signed on.

That did not matter. You learned to trust the men and women you deployed with. You made many good friends for life. You will never really know how proud you made me. I love you, son. To my dad, Edward, who served our country with pride and celebrated every Election Day by being the first in his precinct to vote on his way to work.

He is loved and missed. I am honoring my father who served through the Korean conflict and Viet Nam. He was an inspiration to my brothers and sister who followed his steps into the service. He passed in July and I would like to honor him this coming November election.

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Tom has been missing in action for 40 years and I would like to honor him with my vote. I wear his MIA bracelet every day In honor of him. My uncle Marcel served in the Army Air Force. He was a navigator aboard a bomber that was lost near the island of Yap in the South Pacific during He was one of so many who did not return from the war. They have not been forgotten.

My dad was in the tank corps, but he started his training on horses in North Carolina because there were no tanks available for training yet. Once overseas he was part of the D Day invasion. It was literally a case of 'bringing coals to Newcastle,' as he grew up on the northeast coast of Britain near Newcastle!

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His father, a shipbuilder, moved the family to New York in during the Great Depression looking for work. There wasn't any. My dad spent some time with General Patton and survived. Patton was notorious for the way he used his tank corps hard. He was also part of the second unit to find the Dachau Concentration Camp.

He never talked about either of these events or much about the war at all, although we did get a few stories about D-day. My dad passed in at the age of 82, taking most of his stories with him. But after his service he always voted too. I'm glad that his children and grandchildren are carrying on that family tradition. Dan was in the group that was held over in Iraq the longest.

He has returned to college and carries a 4. I am proud that he is my grandson.

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He served in Iraq and is now being deployed to Afghanistan. Thanks Tyler for protecting our country; We are so proud of you. Through his service in the Marine Corps, he is helping to protect our liberty and assure that all citizens, American and Iraqi, have the freedom to choose their governing officials. To my brothers, Allan and David, who are both in the National Guard and who have both been deployed twice since September 11, Allan, I will never forget driving you back to the airport in November , as your leave was ending.

David sat next to you, remembering his time in Iraq. I watched the sunrise when we pulled up to the airport and did my best not to cry when David hugged you good-bye. It was so rare to see you both together…. I will vote this year in celebration that you are both here. Prior to that they have been on call and have been awarded for their actions during the floods and tornadoes here in Minnesota. They still tear up when they talk about the thank you people have given them for their services both here in Minnesota and abroad.

The love and care they have for each other has extended to their fellow comrades. I'm proud to call them SONS. This year my vote honors my niece, who just started kindergarten. We now realize how much these wars have affected you. This year I will vote In honor of you. Ebooks

I will vote with hope for your future. I know that you are not officially a vet, but you stand in the shadow my little brother, Sgt David Bonnifield. In honor of Chief Petty Officer Ret. Richard Borkovec, Navy - Served in Vietnam. For my Dad, a man I did not get to know very well growing up, because he was away on deployment all the time.

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I know he loves me and I love him as well. He is the best Father anyone could ever have. Thank You. Jonathon, I will never forget your sacrifice.

Long time Eagan Hockey Association participant. Now presently on active duty. I am so proud to say that my father was in the st Wolf Pack as a door gunner.