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The novel has been very well received in the United States for its rhetoric of hope. However, postcolonial critics like Inderpal Grewal, Deepika Bahri, Gurleen Grewal and others have critiqued and questioned the positive self-conceptualisation of identity formation in Jasmine. They see the ambiguous representation of the protagonist both as an instance of the narrators complicity with the American cultural logic of agency and choice in identity construction and as a self-reflexive move to critique the internalisation of Western culture.

Analysis of the ambiguity in the novel would require us to consider the rhetoric of American exceptionalism which makes the United States a unique, liberal, redeemer nation, a place where individuals could carve out their identities through hard work, agency and determination. The aim of this paper is to apply the above rhetoric to explore the ambivalence of identity and subvert the notion of agency in Mukherjees diasporic novel, Jasmine.

Project MUSE - Relocation as Positive Act: The Immigrant Experience in Bharati Mukherjee's Novels

Critics like Fakrul Alam have pointed out that the character of Jasmine has been fashioned to show Mukherjees belief in the necessity of inventing and re-inventing ones self by going beyond what is given and by transcending ones origins Alam The quote affirms Mukherjees project of becoming American by unlearning and relearning cultural tropes and transgressing socio-cultural norms. The story which focuses on Jyoti Vijh of Punjab, who is widowed by a terrorist bomb, who then finds her way to New York on forged papers and successfully adapts to the illegeal employments available to such immigrants.

In the course of many such transactions she acquires many names, each indicative of a new phase of her Americanization. The novel ends with the picture of a woman still adjusting to America. She is large with the child of one man, and runs away with another man to pursue her dream of happiness in this land of endless possibilities- her America.

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Violence and Rebirth - Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine. An Analysis

Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Aliens or Americans? Howard Benjamin , Solimano, A. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Theme of immigration in JASMINE If you have to wonder, if you keep looking for signs, if you wait, surrendering the little bits of reluctant self every year, clutching the souvenirs of an ever retreating past you will never belong , anywhere.

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The Story of Jasmine

Gabriel Olate. Nikolaos Tsionis. At that point in the novel. Jasmine already takes over a new function in her life and leaves the old buttocks. She is no longer merely a girl. The kid is gone and she is reborn as a immature adult female. As that immature adult female.

Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies

Jasmine is acquiring ready to happen a hubby for herself. She meets a friend of her two brothers and subsequently on. Prakash is be aftering to travel over to America.

She is merely 17 at that minute. The bomb. That barbarous act of force alterations something in Jasmine. First of all. But Jasmine wants to make more with her life. She already has turned from Jyoti.

Analysis On Bharati Mukherjee English Literature Essay

He treats her similar cowss. Jasmine intends to kill herself afterwards. This violent act is both of physical and mental hurting. Later in the novel. Jasmine says she had a adult male for every individual she was. I was in a room with aslainman [ … ] I was walking decease. It is like she peels one of her teguments off and appears as a new individual.

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After several stairss and topographic points to remain at. Jasmine gets a occupation as a care-giver in New York. Jasmine is reborn.

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That metempsychosis is once more combined with a new name. Her new life interruptions in two at a twenty-four hours in the park with Taylor and the kid. Jase feels that her journey is non yet ended.